OEDA Datasets

Unless otherwise noted, these datasets are provided under various open access licenses such as GPL, Creative Commons and the MIT License. See the header files in the various data sets for details.


Phoenix is a cooperative [SPONSORSHIP NOT OFFICIAL AT THIS POINT] effort of Parus Analytical Systems, Caerus Analytics, the GeoVista Center at Penn State and the University of Minnesota, with partial funding by the Political Science and Methodology, Measurement and Statistics programs of the U.S. National Science Foundation. It is updated daily and is provided under the MIT License. The data are coded with the TABARI 0.8.4 coding engine using the CAMEO ontology for events and actors.

Link to Phoenix documentation

Link to Phoenix coding dictionaries [INCOMPLETE: This will link to dictionaries at https://github.com/openeventdata]


Daily files

Monthly files [updated daily]

Yearly file, 19 January 2014 to present

Daily duplicate index files

In order to reduce the size of the event data file, Phoenix provides only a single URL for the first instance of a duplicated event, then provides the URLs for the duplicates in a separate file: these are keyed to the event in the data set. These files can be found here.